Before the 5p plastic bag charge came into effect, the UK used over 7 billion shopping bags a year. What a lot of people don't realise is that the 5p spent on your shopping bag with us is earmarked for charity - we don't include it in our revenue stream - so not only are you helping save the environment when you remember to bring your own bags to one of our shops, you're also giving to a good cause every time you have to buy a new bag.

Over the last couple of years we’ve helped with some great causes, with donations of 26,600 in 2017 and £25,500 in 2016, and this year is no different. In 2018 we collected and donated over £25,000 to some of our favourite charities (which we managed to raise by selling just half a million shopping bags – no biggie). So, while we’re building towards a greener environment, we’re incredibly thankful to you for helping us change people’s lives for the better!


Samson Centre for Multiple Sclerosis

As a self-funded charity, we rely heavily on donations in order to continue our invaluable physiotherapy service to help out members, all of whom have MS. We do not receive any funding from the NHS, MS Society nor government so donations and support from others is vital.

Please pass on our very grateful thanks to all concerned for this very kind donation.

Much appreciated by everyone at the Samson Centre for MS.

Kings College Hospital

‘Thank you’ doesn’t really do it…your further support for KCH Charity Fund is beyond generous. I am very appreciative that you and the team are helping to play a big part in ultimately improving patient outcomes.

Jewish Care

Your support makes a tremendous difference to our work. So much of what Jewish Care does is not funded by government and as our community ages, the pressures placed on our services are greater than ever. Thanks to you, we can continue to care for some of the most vulnerable members of our community.

On behalf of everyone associated with Jewish Care, thank you again and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


UJIA changes lives by investing in young people in Israel and in our Jewish community. In the under-resourced Galil region we are creating new educational and employment opportunities through schools, colleges and community projects. In the UK we underpin the crucial ladder of Jewish and Israel engagement, by supporting youth movements and organisations, schools and educational programmes in Israel.

Your gift will make a real difference to our work. We simply could not support our many projects and programmes without your very generous help.

Battle Back for Headley Court

Please can you pass on my thanks… This is a tremendous amount that will help us deliver our programme to all our regulars and veterans.

Children with Cancer UK

Thank you so much for your kind gift. With amazing people like you supporting our vital work, one day we will find the causes and cures for all childhood cancers and ensure no child dies from cancer. We are funded entirely by public support and receive no government funding. Without people like you, we simply would not exist. On behalf of all the children and teenagers that you are helping to save, thank you once again for your gift.

Alzheimer’s Society

We’re so grateful for your support and we sat down to think of the best way to say thank you, but we realised we couldn’t really say it big enough! 

So here’s the boldest font we could fit onto this:


Roseville Projects

Wow – thank you so much. We are absolutely delighted and can’t thank you enough for your continued support.

Diabetes UK

Thank you for getting in touch with Diabetes UK and for choosing us as a beneficiary charity. Diabetes is a national crisis, with almost a 1/4 of the UK population either living with the condition or at high risk of developing it. Your employees, customers, family and friends will be affected. We need to work in partnership in order to tackle the crisis together.
Thank you again for choosing to donate to Diabetes UK, and helping us to build a world where diabetes can do no harm.

Psoriasis Association

As you may be aware, the Psoriasis Association is a self-funding organisation and therefore all donations received help to sustain our work in supporting people affected by psoriasis, raise awareness of the condition and fund research projects. It is most kind of Gift Universe to consider us in this way and your support of our work is very much appreciated. Without such generosity this valuable work would not be possible.

Cancer Research UK

Thank you very much for the extremely kind donation!